GREAT EASTERN is a Fee Based Financial High End Research, Advisory and Wealth Management Company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956. GREAT EASTERN provides research based Financial Investment consultancy and web based collaborative research and information data base that works in the areas of wealth management, financial planning and includes but not limited to equity neutral concierge, philanthropy, asset rebalancing, asset management besides tax and estate planning. We undertake complex research-led mandates on behalf of clients, typically individuals and corporate to inform competitive positioning, statistical findings and investment strategies. Based on our expertise, knowledge and insight, we also develop and own custom made portfolios and impactful wealth management platforms. GREAT EASTERN is a frequently updated news resource and works on contributions from several individuals, independent authors, academicians and thought leaders for the benefit of financial society. The service to access information and financial library is available absolutely free of cost to all those who access and contribute and we will keep the site free from advertisement till the time we can.